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Sistermoon Kathrine Heilesen

New CD comming soon

CD: 50 Minutes Before Departuring Gotland (2004)

Herr Sinclair
The Tide Came When Your Eyes Were Wide Open
Lily of the Valley
Snow Cuts Curly Waves

CD: Kathrine Heilesen (2001)

All Yours Simply
Like A Vision
Eleisia Exstatus
Bottom of the sea
Happy to inform you
Nothing left to say
White states marks
Embalage Hiding Bodies
December night

"OtherWorld" (2000)

These songs are recorded in the "OtherWorld" project,
as a part of "Image of the World", Copenhagen
Projectleader Franz Bølling, Katrine Heilesen (song), and more...

Drømte mig en drøm
The Circle
Bright Light

Mediaval-project (2000)

Songs from a mediaval-project, stating up the band Virelai, recorded 2000 in The Planet Studie, Copenhagen,
Katrine Heilesen (song, davul, bodhran), Jokum Lind Jensen (flutes, backpipes) and Søren Hammerlund (drejelire).
Quan je suis mis au retour
2 Ravne